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The strength in our poles does not come from the wood inside but from the superior plastics and fusion technology used. This makes our poles virtually unbreakable. We are therefore able to offer all weights of pole from Super Heavyweight to hollow Lightweight in different bands of colour as well as single colour.

Anti-Fade and Anti-Shatter

We don’t use plastic sleeves or paint to make our coloured bands - the plastic is formed in that colour so that it will always stay that colour and will not scratch away or come off.

We use specially formulated polymer and colourants which are all UV protected to the highest levels so the colours will not fade and the plastic will not degrade.

Choice of Weights

You can choose different weights of pole to suit your own requirements:

  • Lightweight - (hollow practice or filler pole)
  • Middleweight - (standard weight; make good top rails)
  • Heavyweight - (FEI compliant*)
  • Super Heavyweight - (FEI compliant*)
  • Wooden Pole - (BSJA top rail*)

The ends of our poles are colour coded so that you can easily identify the different weights of each pole. Lightweight Poles are hollow polymer and can bend in heat/sun. To counteract this simply rotate the pole 180 degrees. The Middleweight, Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight Poles are weighted with wooden inserts encased in plastic, which is completely sealed off from external degrading factors.

The weights may vary slightly as wood is never 100% consistent. Therefore weights given are an approximation only.

*Our Octagonal poles are only available in one weight- (see each individual product for approximate weight).

Choice of Lengths

Our poles come in four different lengths: 3mtr is the standard length pole, so please bear in mind if you purchase the smaller length poles i.e. 1.8mtr and 2mtr poles that they are skinnies.

*Affiliated Use

Our Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight poles are approved for use in FEI shows (please check your length of pole is correct in accordance with the FEI rules). However, the BSJA rules stipulate that plastic poles cannot be used as top rails in BSJA affiliated competition, we therefore offer wooden poles to match our plastic range so that you can complete your set of Jump 4 Joy jumps and make a BSJA compliant course. Please contact us if this is required.