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Jumps, due to their very nature, are subject to a lot of impact during normal use, which is why at Jump 4 Joy we make and engineer our jumps to be as strong as they possibly can be. However, we want to go a step further. So that you can get the most life from your jumps as possible we offer a Repairs Service for your Jump 4 Joy products (in accordance with the terms below).

Within 2 Years of Purchase

Jump 4 Joy offers a free Repair Service for Jump 4 Joy products damaged in normal equestrian use (this excludes the cost of transporting the product to and from Jump 4 Joy for repair). Damage caused by misuse or improper handling and any damage/scratching to the vinyl prints on panelled products e.g. graphics on fillers, planks, wings are not covered by the Repair Service. (Replacement vinyl prints may be purchased separately but cannot be repaired.) Wooden products are also excluded from the Repair Service.

After 2 Years from the Date of Purchase

Jump 4 Joy offers a chargeable repair service for its products.

Transport Costs

In all instances of repairs, (including the free repair service), the customer is responsible for paying all carriage charges in transporting the damaged items to and from Jump 4 Joy’s factory for repair. The customer is responsible for wrapping the product for return in adequate packaging.


Proof of purchase and photographic evidence of the damage must be provided to Jump 4 Joy in the first instance; Jump 4 Joy will then confirm whether it will accept an item for return and inspection. Upon inspection, Jump 4 Joy will confirm if the item is repairable and, if older than 2 years, will provide an estimate for its repair. Both free and chargeable repair services will not apply if, in Jump 4 Joy’s opinion, the goods are deemed to be damaged beyond reasonable repair (and Jump 4 Joy will not be liable to repair or replace any product that it deems as such).


Please notify attaching the relevant documentation when making an enquiry for repair.

Jump 4 Joy will endeavour to turn around repairs in a timely fashion, however repairs may take longer in peak season (particularly the Summer and Christmas season).