Manufactured in Britain
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This groundbreaking, patented Jump 4 Joy innovation combines 3 revolutionary features:

  • Safety release on impact
  • Sets fillers vertically or angled
  • Converts most Jump 4 Joy hanging fillers to standing fillers

Additional benefits:

  • Extremely easy to use – slots on in seconds
  • Comes as standard with most Jump 4 Joy standing fillers
  • Unbeatable safety and versatility at no extra cost
  • 5 year guarantee

This unique filler base is a revolution in safety, enabling standing fillers to release when hit with force, minimising breakage and injury. The same base also allows you to get so much more variety out of your jumps by converting our hanging fillers into standing fillers. Finally, there is the further option of setting up your standing fillers vertically or titled at an angle, which is an excellent training aid, particularly for youngsters.

Not only a revolution in safety and versatility, it is extremely simple to use and assembles in seconds. It comes as standard with our standing fillers, offering great value for money. Our 5 year guarantee is also included.