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Any of our solid fillers, planks and wing facias can be personalised. You will need to supply us with any pictures or graphics you would like incorporating into your jump, if you don't have any images we will do our best to source them for you.

We will then produce a visual for you so that you have an idea of what your finished jump will look like. At this stage you can make any changes or corrections you want safe in the knowledge that we will only go ahead with the production of your jump when you are completely happy with the design.

Vector Images

These are ideal for logo's, illustrations and typefaces, the most common types of vector graphics include Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and EPS files, these are our preferred choice for producing the best print quality we can. In most cases your designers or printers will hold a high resolution version of these files and will be happy so supply them to you. When supplying these files please convert all text to paths.

Raster Images

Most images you see on your computer screen and photos you import from digital cameras are raster graphics. With the common file extensions of .tif, .gif and .jpg it is important to send us the highest quality images available. It would be ideal if you could supply the original file.

Should you have any questions regarding the supplying of images please do not hesitate to get in touch.